Geospatial Intelligence Special Interest Group (GISIG)

Wednesday 23 November 2016
Defence Academy, Shrivenham, SN6 8LA
  1. Introduction. The next Geospatial Intelligence Special Interest Group (GISIG) will take place on Wednesday 23 November 2016 at the Defence Academy, Shrivenham SN6 8LA. The GISIG will start at 0900 hrs, with reception and registration from 0830 hrs. The GISIG presentations will conclude 1630 hrs.

  2. GISIG – A Community of Interest. The vast majority of information we use has a location. Now in its 12th successful year, the GISIG is a ‘Community of Interest’ (COI) for the Defence, National Security and Public Safety community that aims to bring together those involved, or interested, in exploiting the full potential of location/spatial information and situational awareness in their respective areas of expertise. Attending the GISIG is your opportunity to share your experiences with this community of interest, pose questions and gain valuable feedback. We welcome new delegates to this event as well as those who have previously attended; please register and add this date to your diary.
  3. Presentations at GISIG. The theme for this year’s GISIG will be confirmed shortly.  

    We welcome presentations from individuals and organisations from across the COI to present to the GISIG. Presentations and demonstrations should ideally share actual or expected operational benefits and outcomes. Please note this event will mostly be run at RESTRICTED level and presentations should be cleared to this level accordingly. Places will be limited, so to register your interest in presenting, contact WO2 Willey, GISIG POC as soon as possible. See below for contact details.
  4. Capability Expo. As with previous GISIGs a Capability Expo will take place during breaks. A range of specialist geospatial capabilities will be on display with industry specialists on hand to answer your questions. Details of participating companies will be available nearer the time.

  5. Agenda.



    Lead / Presenter

    0800 - 0840

    Issue of passes.

    Main Guardroom Shrivenham.

    0830 - 0900

    Registration and Refreshments. Issue of name badges.

    WO2 Kev Wright

    0900 - 0910

    Administrative Announcements.

    Maj Ben Marsh RE

    0910 - 0930

    Welcome and Introduction to GISIG.

    Col R Cockwell MBE

    CRE (Geo)

    0930 - 1000

    Using Defence Connect to collaborate and develop Geo Exchange within the Geo Community Understanding Defence Connect and the Geo exchange group. How it can be used and limitations to its use with a focus on how we can use it to develop Geo as a Service in the tactical space. Followed by a status update on the OSM server.

    Sgt Dave Barrett

    HQ 1st (United Kingdom) Division

    1000 - 1030

    Digital Realities – Dynamic mapping and more!

    The digital capture evolution considers how we connect the real world with the digital world.

    Understand how to bridge from traditional surveying methods to new digital reality capture technologies that open up new capabilities.

    With its broad array of products that capture accurately, model quickly, analyse easily, and visualise and present spatial information, learn how Leica Geosystems solutions can help you shape the way you carry out the reality capture and the execution of the most demanding projects in the world.

    Mr Mike Skicko

    Leica Geosystems Ltd

    1030 - 1100


    Expo break out area

    1100 - 1130

    A vision for GEOINT in 2030 An overview of current Geo related research activities covering: The follow-on to Advance GeoInt Services (AGIS), Data Analytics, Large Scale Data and Open Source, Advanced Imagery Processing and the Single Intelligence Environment Corpus. Concluding with a future vision for GEOINT and possible research activities.

    Mr Glen Hart


    1130 - 1200

    Enabling Geo as a Service - supporting Defence as a Platform

    Esri UK will update the GISIG on the latest developments in the ArcGIS Platform that will deliver GaaS capability at all levels, supporting decision making from geo expert to enterprise consumer.

    Mr Adrian Friend


    1200 - 1330

    Capability Expo and Lunch. Supporting the conference theme, specialist organisations will provide demonstrations and advice.

    Break out area

    1330 - 1400

    A view on Geo Services of the future.

    Leveraging inspirational approaches and practical examples on data quality, metadata generation, data discovery and shared situational awareness to consider how some of the challenges relating to DaaP, NSoIT and Intelligence as a Service can be overcome to meet the outcomes of MOD needs.

    Mr Nick Sutherland


    1400 - 1430

    Defence MetOcean OGC web services Faced with ever increasing data volumes and richness of information, Met Office information services for defence are moving towards delivery through OGC web services, where possible in line with the MOD Spatial Data Infrastructure. In recent years, OGC web map and web coverage services have been demonstrated at the NATO Coalition Warrior eXperimentation (CWIX) trials, alongside web services from the UK Hydrographic Office, where they have been consumed by a range of C2 and other clients. Our services have also been part of the MOD Spatial Data Infrastructure Sandbox and at the 2016 Enterprise Challenge trial.

    Dr Martin Holt

    Met Office


    1430 - 1450


    Expo break out area

    1450 - 1520

    Geo as a Service for Command and Control How do you deliver an agile, GIS-based C2 solution “as a service” in military deployed tactical environment with secure, low-bandwidth networks, using virtual Servers and Web browser on zero/thin/fat/mobile clients – including joint/combined and with civilian organisations.

    In this presentation we will talk about how Systematic’s SitaWare Command and Control Information System (C2IS) consumes geo services and makes them available for commanders and staff in support of decision making for current operations and future plans. We will cover topics such as workflow between the Geo-cell and the planning staff, geo-data management and provisioning, geo-tools for non GIS-specialists, geo layer management for communities of interest, operational needs, and interoperability.

    Mr Hans Jørgen Bohlbro


    1520 - 1600

    Ask the panel Q&A

    All Speakers



  6. Attendance. The event is free to attend with priority given to all serving Defence, Intelligence, National Security and Public Safety personnel who are involved, or have an interest, in exploiting spatial information. It is requested that action addressees cascade this calling notice widely to relevant subordinate organisations.

  7. Registration: Registrations have now closed. Please email WO2 Jon Willey RE at to be added to a reserve list.  

  8. Security & Arrival procedures. All registered delegates will be required to be in possession of proof of identity - service ID cards, passport or driving license. Delegates will be required to register on arrival at the Main Gate Reception.

  9. Location. Defence Academy, Shrivenham SN6 8LA

  10. Sponsorship. As in previous years, the GISIG is sponsored by Esri UK. They and other contractors will be in attendance to answer your questions and, through the Capability Expo, demonstrate the use of Geographic Information Systems and approaches in support of our needs.

  11. GISIG POC for further enquiries and presentation proposals
    WO2 JP Willey RE

    WO2 Concepts & Doctrine, Force Development
    Joint Forces Intelligence Group,Room B017
    Pathfinder Building,
    RAF Wyton, Huntingdon,
    Cambs. PE28 2EA.
    Mil: 95371 5231| Civ: 01480 52451 ext 5231

    For registration enquiries. Please contact Donna Holmes at